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Five things You (and I) Really Don’t Need for Christmas This Year


Selfie Stick1. The Selfie Stick: I have nothing against selfies but this just seems excessive. I guess it’s easier to use a selfies stick to share your face with Instagram followers than be slightly embarrassed to asking a stranger to take your picture?


2. A roommate who winds up starting the new Facebook and suddenly has nothing to do with themselves and the next thing you know, they buy a major American publication and institution, like The New Republic, and run it into the ground.


3. A movie about the podcast SERIAL or these backdoor knock offs. Even I can see the meta-charm in there being dozens of podcasts about the podcast but leave it to the producers of This American Life to be the pinnacles of storytelling, not you. (My daughter once attended a talk by Ira Glass who said the biggest problem in storytelling was that “people didn’t actually know where the real story was.”)

4. No more food fads. No more gourmet toasts or molecular gastronomy kale entrées. And no more16134491-large multi-stop breakfasts! San Francisco makes it easy to waste a morning on delicious food, morning toast at Trouble in the Sunset then Ritual or Reveille for a pick me up, swing by Sidewalk Juice or Source for my nutrients and squeeze in, Tartine for my morning buns. Wait, I can’t forget about Mr. Holmes for my croissants!


 5. Another recession. I don’t know about you but I go out every day and bless Obama and those silly Democrats, spineless as may party maybe. I’ve added this item to the list after the last election! I worry I am alone worried we will go broke again….


So, what about you? What don’t you need this holiday season?








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  1. therese bissell #

    hahahahoohaheehahahahoo… THE SELFIE STICK.  i’m dying.  and recalling the most fantastic trip…

    December 17, 2014
  2. I never thought I could wish for no more recession!
    I will make it my ongoing wish… Thanks!

    May 4, 2015

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