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Architectural Flair in Fashion

I’ve had my work be called angular before and not always in a positive way. Some people find the spherical familiarity of domed stadiums, cul-de-sacs and marshmallow cars to be soothing.

My architecture is about the play between nature and construction, between lightness and darkness, glass and steel. It is no surprise that this style is also steeped in my life.  Read more

How a good idea went all wrong.

San Francisco architecture has a lot of small, darling details – those victorians with painted ladies that line roofs, beautiful trim detailing, fine proportions and, of course, bay windows.

In a victorian, trying to overcome the darkness a floor plan has created can be a daunting task. Since a San Francisco lot is typically 25×100, adding light at both ends creates length but also keeps the center of a home appropriately darker. Bay windows are a simple solution to the problem of light in a typical San Francisco home. You can use them to extend over, into a sidewalk, or outwards over your yard. This makes them into friendly, free-real estate which developers tend to find appealing. Plus, sometimes it will grant you a new view of the water!

Read more

Tonight! Opposition/Composition | September 2, 5 – 9pm

I invite you all to attend the opening of a show I have curated for the non-profit Creative Growth.

Featured work includes utopic skyscrapers by William Scott, abstract color studies from Erin Punzel, technical blueprints from Jacob Sockness, and ceramic and wood sculpture from emerging Creative Growth talent.

I’ve hoped to highlight the binaries in space, volume, and dimension as seen through the eyes of Creative Growth artists, that I consider the opposing forces that shape a composition.

I’ll also be signing copies of my monograph from 5-7pm. I hope to see you all there!

The event will be held at :

Creative Growth Art Center

355 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

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