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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It isn’t that everything is bigger in Texas but that everything is bigger in the United States. Portions are too big, buildings scrape the sky and (clearly) our spending outweighs our earnings. The extravagant nature of the States can feel in your face, but as I’ve discussed with bad design, we acclimatize ourself to nuisances. Bigger isn’t always bad but I’d rather you didn’t take your big problem onto my streets.

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Bad Design in Our Daily Lives

People have asked me if having a discerning, if not critical eye, for good design is exhausting in a world I tout as poorly designed. The question is usually good natured but it is certainly true that I spend a lot of time thinking about how something can be at once easier to use, nicer to look at and simpler to build. It isn’t a theory I only apply to architecture but day-to-day designs. It seems that things in my everyday life are always more complicated than they need to be.

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Good, Clean Blogging

My daughter has often wondered, aloud, at a dinner table when friends are over, why a modern architect like myself is so wary of the modernity provided by the digital age. In my defense, I can “use” my smartphone.  Read more

Let the blogging begin!

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally here–Fougeron Architecture now has a blog! We look forward to sharing with you all the latest news, information about our current projects and the inside scoop of the inner workings of Fougeron Architecture.

Stay posted, subscribe and hold tight, more blogging to come!

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