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Preface to my Monograph

This is a long overdue post and also a means of motivating myself back into blog writing (I’ve been travelling a lot in the last couple months).

Below, I’ve pasted the preface to my monograph which was released late in 2011 and was a labor of love and also, perhaps, a bit of crazy.



Simplicity is complexity resolved. —Constantin Brâncusi

First, a confession: I’m obsessed with architecture. I can’t imagine my life without buildings. And although this fixation can strain my health, finances, and stress level, I just can’t give it up.

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Brooklyn Museum Panel

If you enjoyed my interview with the Architect’s Take on women in architecture, I’d like to invite you to the Brooklyn Museum this Friday. I’ll be on a panel discussing the role of women in the male-dominated field of architecture. 

For more information, check out the NYMag event listing.

The Architect’s Newspaper

I am incredibly honored to be featured as a studio visit on the Architect’s Newspaper!

Here’s the beginning of the article:

ImageSan Francisco’s Anne Fougeron is one of the torchbearers for women in architecture. As one of the very few to head up a design practice in the city—or in the country, for that matter—she’s learned how to make it through struggle.

“This profession is so unfriendly to women,” she said. “It’s hard for us to get work, it’s hard for us to be taken seriously. But it’s not a nice field for the guys either—so you have to buck up and just do it.” Committed to modernism and its rigors, she’s known for her elegantly detailed residences, and has made the jump to larger projects, including a branch library for the city and multifamily housing (a breadth of work explored in her recent monograph from Princeton Architectural Press).

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