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8 Jobs that are harder

Now all this talk about Anne Romney and how being a mom is the hardest job in the world has me thinking “What is the second hardest job?” I encourage all readers to chime in here!

1. Being Newt Gingrich’s wife

2. Actually, maybe being Calista Gingrich’s hairdresser. Imagine if every one comes into your shop and wants that do. The environmental impact alone is terrifying – think of all those hair-dye fumes!

3. Being Anne’s Romney sons. Imagine the daily reminders of the sacrifices made by your mother.

4. Being Clarence Thomas. I think it should take incredible self control and willpower to be that quiet and un-participatory when serving on the most eloquent judicial body in the world. Way to go Clarence! You totally learned your lesson after that last hair comment…

6. Being Newt’s Super PAC endorser, Sheldon Adelson. I could have done a lot better with that $ 16 million. Thank goodness Adelson doesn’t pay more than 15% in taxes.

7. Being a scientist and biologist and believing in creationism.

8. And finally, being the architect for the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky – as though being an architect was not hard enough. I think 7 and 8 may be a tie, actually.

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